"I had tried pretty much every genre, but Jazz has always been in my soul "
fter graduating, with a huge interest in television and determined to have a ‘proper’ well paid job, I worked in the BBC Drama Department in Shepherd’s Bush, then briefly in publishing before moving back to Yorkshire to work at YTV and even at a commercial photographer’s organising shoots.
Then it all changed! After a catalogue of personal disasters, including a serious car accident, forced me to really think about my future and my dreams and passions for life, I knew I had to follow my heart, wherever that would lead! During some very dark times, I turned to music and singing, the way I always have throughout my life and it made me strong again. I began to focus on what I wanted. Jazz! I had tried pretty much every genre of singing, but Jazz has always been in my soul.
"I began to focus on what I wanted... Jazz! "
fter emerging from jazz education with some of the top jazz educators in the UK, Lee Gibson, Graham Hearn, Tina May, Alan Barnes, Trevor Tomkins, to name a few, I’ve had some really great support from the jazz community and had some fabulous gigs, including Marsden Jazz Festival and even Venice Jazz Club! My debut album with my own Quartet ‘Seasons of Love’ is just beginning to receive some amazing response and I’m really excited about the future and looking forward to spreading my wings and seeing where it all leads me and what adventures may be just around the corner…!